Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance

Own Damage/Theft Coverage

 Protects Assured’s vehicle against loss or damages due to accident and loss due to theft or carnapping.

 Third Party Liability Coverage

 Protects Assured’s against liability arising out of loss or damage to other person’s properties like vehicle/building (Property Damage) and/or injuries of third parties (Bodily Injury) due to a vehicular accident.

            THIRD PARTY is any person other than a PASSENGER as defined by law and shall also exclude a member of the household, or a member of the family within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity of a motor vehicle owner or his employee in respect of death, bodily injury or damage to property arising out of and in the course of employment.

Auto Personal Accident (APA) Coverage

 Provide insurance benefits for loss resulting directly or solely from “death” caused by external accident causes while the Assured/authorized driver or any of his or her passengers are riding in the insured vehicle.

 Acts of Nature (AON) Coverage

 This is an optional coverage that can be availed by the Assured to cover his or her vehicle from losses and damages due to natural perils such as Earthquake, Typhoon, Flood or other convulsions of nature.

Types of Motor Car Insurance

  1. Private Car Insurance
  2. Motorcycle Insurance
  3. Commercial Vehicle Insurance

The term of coverage under the Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance is one year.

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