“Tree Planting Activity”

1 CISP welcomed the rainy season with a Tree Planting Activity as its first Corporate Social Responsibility for the year. Studies suggest that rainy season provides a very favorable condition for newly planted seedlings to grow their roots and flourish. Taking advantage of this, the management and staff of 1 CISP joined hands in planting 700 seedlings of Cacao, Guyabano and Narra (Philippine National Tree) in Barangay Sto. Niño, Tanay, Rizal.

Trees provides us oxygen, improves air quality, helps in climate amelioration, conserves water, and preserves soil, support wildlife and helps in reducing the effect of climate change. With the rapid decline in country’s forest cover, 1 CISP recognized that a simple CSR like this can go a long way in fostering a sustainable global environment.

The said activity is just the first on list of the Corporate Social Responsibility that 1 CISP has lined up for the year.