R&B Part C: Role of Shareholders (2016)

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Sector Insurance
Year 2016
Date of Financial Year End 31/12/2016
Source Document/ Location of Information Yes / No Point REMARKS
C Role of Stakeholders
C.1 The rights of stakeholders that are established by law or through mutual agreements are to be respected.
Does the company disclose a policy that :
C.1.1 Stipulates the existence and scope of the company’s efforts to address customers’ health and safety? Company Policy Y 1 Compliance on different regulatory agency (Burue of Fire)
C.1.2 Explains supplier/contractor selection practice? Y 1 Company Policy
C.1.3 Describes the company’s efforts to ensure that its value chain is environmentally friendly or is consistent with promoting sustainable development? Y 1 Waste segragations were implemented
C.1.4 Elaborates the company’s efforts to interact with the communities in which they operate? Y 1 Social activities
C.1.5 Directs the company’s anti-corruption programmes and procedures? Y 1
C.1.6 Describes how creditors’ rights are safeguarded? Y 1 Base on terms and conditions of contract
Does the company disclose the activities that it has undertaken to implement the above mentioned policies?
C.1.7 Customer health and safety Y 1
C.1.8 Supplier/Contractor selection and criteria Y 1
C.1.9 Environmentally-friendly value chain Y 1
C.1.10 Interaction with the communities Y 1
C.1.11 Anti-corruption programmes and procedures Y 1
C.1.12 Creditors’ rights Y 1 Base on terms and conditions of contract
C.1.13 Does the company have a separate corporate responsibility (CR) report/section or sustainability report/section? Y 1 We have line up activities for CSR this year
C.2 Where stakeholder interests are protected by law, stakeholders should have the opportunity to obtain effective redress for violation of their rights.
C.2.1 Does the company provide contact details via the company’s website or Annual Report which stakeholders (e.g. customers, suppliers, general public etc.) can use to voice their concerns and/or complaints for possible violation of their rights? Company website Y 1
C.3 Performance-enhancing mechanisms for employee participation should be permitted to develop.
C.3.1 Does the company explicitly disclose the health, safety, and welfare policy for its employees? Company Manual Y 1
C.3.2 Does the company publish data relating to health, safety and welfare of its employees? Company Manual Y 1
C.3.3 Does the company have training and development programmes for its employees? Company Policy/Company Manual Y 1
C.3.4 Does the company publish relevant information on training and development programmes for its employees? Company website Y 1
C.3.5 Does the company have a reward/compensation policy that accounts for the performance of the company beyond short-term financial measures? Company Policy Y 1
C.4 Stakeholders including individual employee and their representative bodies, should be able to freely communicate their concerns about illegal or unethical practices to the board and their rights should not be compromised for doing this.
C.4.1 Does the company have procedures for complaints by employees concerning illegal (including corruption) and unethical behaviour? Anti Fraud Manual Y 1 To be uploaded upon approval by regulatory agency
C.4.2 Does the company have a policy or procedures to protect an employee/person who reveals illegal/unethical behavior from retaliation? Anti Fraud Manual Y 1 To be uploaded upon approval by regulatory agency
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